Station 1


Ladder 1Ladder 1:

Type of Unit: Quint, Manufacture: Darley, Chassis: Spartan Motors, Model: Gladiator/ Poly Vision Year: 2006, Engine: Cummins, Pump: Darley LDMBC Side Mount 1500 GPM/CAFS, Tank Size: 500 Gallon Water tank, 25 Gallon Class A Foam Tank, Compressor: 220 CFM PTO Driven Generator: Hydraulic, Aerial Size: 75 foot, Other Equipment: Bullard Thermal Imager, Positive Pressure Fan, Chain Saw, K-12 Saw, Full Medical Equip., Lifepak 1000 Defib., 6/SCBA’S, 6/ Spare Cylinders, Genesis E-Tool Jaws & Whelen Lighting Package.

Rescue 1Rescue 1:

Type of Unit: Medium Duty Rescue, Manufacture: W.S. Darley, Chassis: International Model: 7400 ‘4 x 4’, Year: 2015, Engine: 330 HP Navistar, Pump: Darley HM 500 GPM/PTO, Tank Size: 300 Gallon Water Tank, 25 Gallon Class A Foam Tank, Compressor: 220 CFM PTO Driven, Light tower: Wilburt Night Scan 64,000 Lumens  Other Equipment: Bullard Thermal Imager, Genesis Jaws/Cutters, Genesis Hydraulic Rams, X Struts, Autocribs, High-Pressure Air Bags, Low-Pressure Air Bags, Full Rope Rescue Compliment, Ocean ID Boat, Dry Suits, 9K Warn Winch, Cutting Torch, K-12 saw,  Full Medical Equip., Defibrillator, 4/SCBA’S, 14/Spare SCBA Cylinders & Whelen Lighting Package.

Brush 1:

Type of Unit: Brush, Manufacturer: Skeeter, Chassis: Dodge, Model: 5500 ‘4 x 4’ Year: 2017, Engine: 6.7L Cummins, Pump: Honda 21 HP/ 2BE21H Darley, Tank Size: 500 Gallons, 10 Gallon Class A Foam, Other Equipment: Scotty Around The Pump Eductor , Misc. Firefighting Tools, Chainsaw, Backpack Blower, 1000’- ¾”Forestry Line On Reel, 9K Warn Winch & Whelen Lighting Package.

Tanker 1:

Type of Unit: Tanker, Manufacture: Deep South, Chassis: International, Model: 7400SBA Engine: Maxxforce 9, Year: 2010, Pump: Darley HM 500 GPM/PTO. Tank Size: 2000 Gallons, Other Equipment: 2200 Gallon Dump Tank, 900 foot of 4″ LDH, 2-SCBA’S, 2/SCBA Cylinders, 2- 1.75” Preconnects, 1- 2.5” Preconnect & Whelen Lighting Package.

Brush 4Brush 4:

Type of Unit: Heavy Brush, Manufacturer: Chevy, Chassis: Chevy, Model: C70 ‘4 x 4’, Year: 1989, Pump: Honda 23 HP/ 2BE23H Darley, Tank Size: 1200 Gallons, Other Equipment: Chainsaw, Backpack Blower, Misc. Firefighting Tools, 800’- ¾”Forestry Line On Reel & Whelen Lighting Package.

Brush 5Brush 5:

Type of Unit: Brush, Manufacturer: Ford, Chassis: Ford, Model: F-550 ‘4 x 4’, Year: 2003, Engine: 7.3L Powerstroke, Pump: Honda 18 HP CET Pump, Tank Size: 500 Gallons, Other Equipment: Misc. Firefighting Tools, Chain Saw, Backpack Blower, 500’- ¾”Forestry Line On Reel & Whelen Lighting Package.