Station 2


Engine 2Engine 2:

Type of Unit: Pumper, Manufacture: Darley, Chassis: Spartan Motors, Model: Vision, Year: 2003, Engine: Cummins, Pump: Darley Top Mount 1500 GPM/CAFS, Tank Size: 1000 Gallons, Generator: Hydraulic, Other Equipment: Light Tower, PPV Fan, Genesis Jaws/Cutters, Medical Equip., Defibrillator.

Squad 2Squad 2:

Type of Unit: Brush, Manufacture: Ford, Chassis: Ford, Model: F-550 ‘4 x 4’, Year: 2002, Engine: 7.2L Powerstroke, Pump: Honda 18 HP, Tank Size: 500 Gallons, Other Equipment: Misc. Firefighting Tools, Chainsaw, Forestry Line.

Squad 4Squad 4:

Type of Unit: Brush, Manufacture: Chevy, Chassis: Chevy, Model: C70 ‘4 x 4’, Year: 1989, Pump: Briggs 18 HP, Tank Size: 1200 Gallons, Other Equipment: Misc. Firefighting Tools, Forestry Line.

Engine 4Engine 4 (Reserve):

Type of Unit: Pumper, Manufacture: International, Chassis: International, Model: 4900, Year: 1993, Engine: International, Pump: Darley Front Mount Pump 1250 GPM, Tank Size: 1000 Gallons, Other Equipment: Rear Mounted CAFS System, Medical Equip.