911 Address Numbers

Check the Size of Your Home’s Address Number


If your home’s address number isn’t visible from the main road (or it’s too small to read), the police fire department and EMS won’t be able to find your house in an emergency! Seconds and minutes can make a huge difference in these dangerous situations, so protect your family by making sure your home is easy to identify!

What if:

  • The weather conditions are bad and visibility is poor?
  • You have let bushes, vines or weeds grow to hide the numbers where your address posted?
  • You have placed your numbers too low on the post and they have been covered by weeds?
  • You have placed brass address numbers on your post which do not contrast with the background color and can’t be easily seen?
  • You placed address numbers on the mailbox, but numbers are covered when the flag is pulled down?
  • Have you not posted your 911 number on your driveway or gate?
  • Your address numbers on mailbox are small, obstructed and/or non-reflective?


  1. Can you see your numbers? When it’s light out, go outside and stand beside the main road near your home. Is your address number easy to see from the road? If it is, that’s great! Wait until it’s dark, and then check again (make sure you turn on any exterior lights first). If your address is visible in both situations, mark this to-do as complete!
  2. Clear away, offenders. If your address number is large enough, but it’s being obstructed by something like a plant or tree branch, clear the offender. 
  3. If your address number is too small to read, it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some recommendations.
  • Post your 911 Mailbox Address Numbers on both sides of the box, facing traffic from either direction with Reflective Numbers and/or Contrasting Numbers – sizes are recommended to be no less than 3″ inches high (4″ inch numbers are preferred)
  • If your mailbox is on the Opposite Side of The Road from your property, install a rigid post by the corner of your driveway, with Reflective and/or Contrasting Address Numbers, on both sides, to face traffic from either direction. (3 Sides if more than two access directions exist or on a shared driveway. The post should be at least 48″ inches in height to reduce obstruction by grass and weeds. The post should be placed for best visibility from any approaching (driving) direction.
  • You can purchase these at your local hardware store. If your number was large enough to read, but couldn’t be seen at night, move it so that it’s located under a porch light.


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