ODOT Awards Contract to Repair State Highway 20/Keetonville Hill

Oklahoma City, OK – At a special meeting of the Oklahoma Transportation Commission today, a contract for the reconstruction of SH-20 at Keetonville Hill in Rogers County was awarded to Muskogee Bridge Co., Inc.

HWY 20 Damage 20080410-8

ODOT says a landslide caused a 500-foot second of the shoulder to fall off the roadway.

This company’s bid for the project, which will include up to one-half mile of slope repair and replacement of around four-tenths mile of pavement, came in at $5,132,148.75. The contract is a 110 calendar day project, with incentives in place for the roadway to open traffic within 60 days from the start of the project.

A work order is expected to be issued by Tuesday April 29th.

This area of SH-20 was damaged on April 10th when a landslide caused a 500-foot second of the shoulder to fall off the roadway. Traffic is being detoured around the area onto SH-88 and SH-266. The roadway will remain closed while Muskogee Bridge Co., Inc. completes the project.

As to what the county will do with Keetonville Road. Rogers County Commissioner last Monday approved a requests to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct studies to determine the feasibility of developing an emergency stream bank or shoreline protection project at Keetonville Road south of the soccer fields between 66th Street and 86th Street under the authority provided by Section 14 of the 1946 Flood Control Act, as amended.

Commissioner Helm stated that Project 14 is a project conducted by Corp. of Engineers that will supply $100,000 to do a study on the area listed on the resolution to see if it is feasible to go ahead and repair the road or provide a bank shoreline embracement or exactly what we can do for that road. The county doesn’t have to come up with the money, the Corp. of Engineers will in their study if we go through this amendment.

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