Students head back-to-school starting this week

Motorists are reminded to stay alert for students that are heading back to school as area schools start back this Wednesday and Thursday.

Some tips for motorists include: 

School Bus Stops

School bus stop areas may be located anywhere on your route, and they typically are not marked with warning signs. Be on the lookout for children gathering along the sides of the roadways in anticipation of arriving school buses. If you see them, slow down and proceed with caution.

Following School Buses

It’s a fact of life; school buses make frequent stops. If you’re behind a school bus, maintain a safe following distance. Never pass a stopped school bus. At each stop children will be getting on or off the bus. They may need to cross in front of the bus, or they may dart out into the roadway unexpectedly. Be aware that school buses are also required to come to a complete stop before crossing railroad tracks. Following a school bus can be slow and frustrating, and there may not always be a safe, designated passing zone. If you travel along a school bus route regularly, allow extra time or consider using alternate routes during the school year.

Traffic Congestion

School zones may present traffic congestion in the early morning and mid-afternoon. Be prepared for delays as you travel in or around these areas. No one wants to be involved in an accident, especially an accident involving a school bus or a young pedestrian. As autumn approaches and the school children, school buses, and school zones become active again, it’s time to adapt your driving habits to reduce the hazards they present. Expect the unexpected; with children’s safety at stake, this is one lesson you definitely don’t want to learn the hard way.


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