Outside Watering has been Suspended

Claremore, OK – Limestone Fire District received an email earlier today stating NO OUTSIDE WATERING in large bold red letters.


ALL OUTSIDE WATERING be suspended until further notice!!

Water Distric says, “The previous “Mandatory Water Rationing” guidelines are no longer in effect. It is imperative that ALL OUTSIDE WATERING be suspended until further notice!! There are many customers in the Keetonville area that have and are doing without ANY waterat this time! We have to think about our neighbors first and adhere to “NO OUTSIDE WATERING” so that everyone will have essential water available.

We are aware that many have gardens, landscaping and other outside situations but we MUST think about the people that are being deprived of water, due to excessive water use. We understand this will cause a huge imposition to many but nothing compares to the health and well being of neighbors that are completely WITHOUT water…”

The Fire District is also encourages resident to conserve water. Low water levels not only affect potable water supplies and water available for fire protection.

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