State Highway 20 Closed at Keetonville Hill

Claremore, OK – State Highway 20 was closed this afternoon by Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Overnight rain cause the west bound side SH 20 to giving way on Keetonville Hill just west of Verdigris River in Rogers County.

HWY 20 Damage 20080410-1

Picture of Damage Section of SH 20

“A man came into our station around 2:30 and said we needed to go take a look at it,” said Firefighter Rick Stammer. “Then a few minutes later, one of our firefighters came in and said we really did need to take a look at the hill.” Stammer knew that the road needed to be closed after arriving to check out the damage. “We went down Keetonville Road to inspect that road closing and when we got back, oh about 20 minutes later, the crack was very large,” Stammer said. “So we closed the road and called the highway department.”

Boggy Creek 20080410-2

Picture of old Keetonville Road and Verdigris River.

ODOT says a 500 foot long section of shoulder has slid down the hill due to recent heavy rains.

Portions of Rogers County have received up to four inches of rain in a 24 hour period and the ground was already saturated from previous storms. Verdigris River at SH 20 crested this afternoon at 20.14 feet according to the NWS in Tulsa. Flood stage at the Verdigris River Bridge is 36 feet.

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